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My name is Jennifer Anderson Richmond and I am part of a Veteran's Service Organization by the name of Dogs on Deployment (www.dogsondeployment.org). Among other services, we work with active duty or retired service members to find foster homes for their pets - dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc. - should the need arise due to deployment, training, or hospitalization. 


The people we work with have no one to take care of their pets and so feel they need to either surrender or sell their pets because they can't take care of them while gone nor can they find anyone to take care of their pets. 


We are a nation-wide, non-profit organization that was founded in 2011 by two active-duty military families out in California who couldn't find anyone to take care of their pets due to military-related obligations.


As the larger military bases are located in the eastern, southern, and western states, not many people know about us here in Wisconsin and my job is to get the word out to everyone.




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Visit their website:  http://desertveteransofwisconsin.org





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