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Military Dog Tribute

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The committee to bring a Military Working Dog Tribute to The Highground has been formed and is having regular meetings.  If you have an interest in serving on this committee, or if you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Highground at 715-743-4224 or e-mail them at highground@tds.net   The Highground Learning Center has C.D.s, books and pictures regarding Military Working Dogs.

One of the objectives of the committee working to bring the working dog tribute to The Highground is that it will honor all working dogs. Although the accepted sculpture design is a military person kneeling next to German Shepherd dog the tribute will also include an inscription (to be determined) that acknowledges the service of service dogs, police K-9 units, drug detection dogs, etc.








Pictured is the modern military working dog, equipped with camera, an antenna, and his own protective vest. This dog is Cairo, the Belgian Malinios who accompanied SEAL Team Six on their raid into Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden. Cairo repelled from the helicopter and was the first intruder into the compound. His handler used the camera on Cairo’s back to communicate what was ahead to the remainder of the SEAL team.



    The June 2014, National Geographic magazine, has an article titled “Hero Dogs”. The article explains the training and tour of duty of Marine Corporal Jose Armenta and his German Shepherd, Zenit in Afghanistan. Several copies of this magazine will be available at the Highground Learning Center library.




   There are many types of  Military Working dogs. These two photos are of tracker dogs.  These dogs are just as their name implies, used to track to the enemy. If an Army or Marine unit wishes to reestablish contact with a fleeing enemy, a helicopter brings in a tracker dog and handler. Tracker dogs are often labs or a lab and beagle cross. These dogs were as docile as they appear in the photos (Vietnam).





This is Cairo, the Military Working Dog, that flew with SEAL Team Six from Jalalabad, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan to engage Osama Bin Laden.  Cairo fast roped, with his handler, from the Black Hawk helicopter down to the compound.  He and his handler were to provide security clearance around the perimeter of the compound.  Cairo was also trained to locate underground bunkers.  That did not become necessary.  Cairo is outfitted with his own flak jacket, camera (which transmits back to his handler), and an antenna so that he can receive commands.  Cairo is a Belgian Malinois.





 This photo is of Brutus and his handler Casey Rossman of the La Crosse Police Department in La Crosse, WI.  This past summer in a drug detection competition sponsored by the U.S. Police Canine Association in Duluth, MN, Sgt Rossman and Brutus were awarded first place with a perfect score of 200.  The use of working dogs in assisting law enforcement, as well as the military, has increased over the past thirty years.