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WWII Living History
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On June 30, 2012 The Highground hosted a WWII Living History display.  A group of re-enactors came to The Highground on Friday to set up “Camp”, and actually camped out overnight.

Troy Buddenhagen; La Crosse, formerly of Neillsville, organized the group(s) for us.  U.S., Russian and German camps were set up as they would have been during WWII.  Members representing the U.S.; were Troy Buddenhagen with his tents and weapons display & Wade Zischke with his “Organized Reserves” display. The Russians were portrayed by Paul Anderson & Kevin Buddenhagen; their display consisted of tent, weapons and a BA- 64 Armored Car. Mike Alexander & Paul Rech were portraying Germany’s “3rd Panzergrenadier Division”, which included tent, weapons and a Half-Track Armored vehicle.  All participants dressed in period & country uniform. They conversed with visitors in period talk, telling them about how a WWII soldier lived, duties they performed and equipment they used. Wade educated our visitors about the “Organized Reserves” and the time period between the wars.

Visitors enjoyed the event. Many were very impressed with the professionalism, and accuracy of the display. The younger visitors enjoyed trying on equipment and checking out the vehicles. Visiting WWII Veteran’s and participants enjoyed the conversations shared.


Russian Camp
US Camp


Thanks to all the participants and visitors, for a memorable and educating day.


Organized Reserve display

Equipment explination
Discussing next activity of the day.....Lunch
Germans Mike Alexander Paul Rech
Russians Paul Anderson Kevin Buddenhagen

Russian BA-64 Armored Car
Hands on experences
German Camp
Troy Buddenhagen



WWII sign at entrance

WWII Veteran