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2013 Goals


The Highground for 2013


The following outlined goals for 2013 are in rough form to set the parameters for our work program and budgetary plans.  If you have other ideas or thoughts we invite you to share them with us and tell us how you would be involved with the suggestion.


Goals for The Highground for 2013

Persian Gulf Tribute is starting to come together as the committee continues to work on the fund raising program.  The road to the Tribute is roughed in and is ready to be used to transport equipment and materials to the site.  Once the statues are selected the Board of Directors approves and finalizes the project.


Persian Gulf Tribute          funded up to $251,926.00              

Watch Persian Gulf link for updates on  fundraising


Concrete            Accepted bid of $46,200.00                              

Start time:  Waiting for selection of granite to match concrete


Electrical                Accepted bid of $17,000.00                             

Start Time:  When concrete is started



Base Is Down

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The Learning Center Library has been an outstanding addition to the Center.  We would like to see the Library brought up to the standards of a normal library by adding a computer system.

Computer system for library lending cost approx. $3300.00           

Start Time:  When funds available


White Spruce replacement             $79.99                      

Start Time: Ten more replacements are needed


Sprinkler System for Learning Center would conserve water and electricity if an automated system were in place.               Bid:    Funded                                                          

Start time: Spring 2014


Picnic area learning/educational shelter will be built in the spring.  Funding was obtained through the Cummins Grant’s matching funds.                                  

Start Time:  Complete


Timberframe roof:             Funding obtained             

Start Time:  Complete


Military Dog/Handler Tribute has been moving forward with the formulation of the committee, a presence on the website, Forum notices and various contacts by the committee members.

Funded up to $22,725.16                           

Start Time:  Designs Being Reviewed


Plaza walls are deteriorating with the Wisconsin weather.  The walls running out to the peak of the plaza, along the walkways are needing some care to stop the cracking. Material will be applied to the walls to stop the damage.

Costs involved: Funded                       

Start Time:  First Coat Complete, Finalize 2014